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fountains of Paris.

This project was realised during a semester abroad at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

It is an exploration of the so-called Wallace Fountains of Paris, how they were designed and what we can learn from them, apply when designing new things.

RISO printed Book 210mm x 145mm
Video 6:54min


The book offers a chronological classification of the fountains' time of origin, under which standards they were planned and under which they should be seen today.

I have always been fascinated by graphic design, by printing and the different styles of paper and printing techniques. The one that fascinated me most was and is still RISO printing, the limitations that lead to so much beautiful creativity is amazing. 

I wanted to try my best creating something beautiful with this technique too.

The result is a fifty-page book printed in black, emerald green and a fluorescent pink.
It was thread-stitched with two pages in a bundle.

Before the resume, it contains a foldable overview of the most important facts that refer to the Wallace fountain in 1:10 printed in the centre. 


I had the idea when I saw this, a bit annoying but informative TV Show clip. The annoyance was quite relatable to this annoyance I had towards the city when I first was there for the field research in Paris this whole project is based on. I added the missing information I thought is suitable, I thought I should add visual and auditory distractors the city offers a lot.

I did this for a small exhibition of all my classmates projects in The Hague. It was experienced as a vortex into the research, where the information can be overwhelming, but the sheer beauty and magnificence of the fountains is still visible. I am not sure if I really intended this reaction when editing this but thinking about it, I kind of like these reactions. Also, since getting at leas attention was more or less my goal, I am happy with it :)